Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Can we ?? YES we can

Adventure before Dementia, a witty term that always raises a smile, but how many of us are actually brave enough to ‘go for it’ take that step into the unknown, set sail and see where the wind takes you ? Not me that is for sure, I am a homebody, I like the safety and familiarity of my own four walls. I like routine. I like my home comforts. I get adventure anyway, occasionally I go to Waitrose instead of Tesco! So how come I am now selling my home, my castle, my security blanket, putting a few personal possessions into storage at my daughters, and heading of into the deep dark unknown… well .. Europe.. with my partner and our dog in a motorhome!
This Blog will be about our journey. Our Journey will begin soon, first the sale of our house.... watch this space. 

Our home for howeverlong !!!! 


  1. Sounds like everyones dream, good on you for going for it!!!

  2. I'm so happy and excited for you!!! Can't wait to see all the fun and adventures you have! Wish I were going with you guys! :D

    1. I wish you were coming too! would be SO much fun :-)

  3. This looks like the start of a great Blog, and an even greater adventure! The motorhome looks splendid, really comfy and amazingly roomy. Go have lots of fun, Rambling Rose, be a devil and enjoy EVERYTHING :o)
    Best wishes, Xena from "over there".