Friday, 8 July 2016

Renamed and ready to go.... almost

A motorhome needs a name, you can't refer to your home for the next year or so as 'the bus' or 'the van' so we have been playing with names, Cathy Cathargo was too obvious, so we went for Frieda, for freedom, until J found "Fernweh", it is German for wanderlust, and as Cathargo is a German brand it fitted perfectly! So here she is,

We have loaded our travel clothes and necessities into Fernweh but we have a few niggly problems to sort out with her before we go anywhere, mainly a kitchen sink that leaks, an outside gas tap that fits nothing, and the whole water system needs flushing and sterilising. Once that is all sorted we are going to take the grand children away for a couple of weeks and then meet up with their mum and dad and spend some time with them too. 

After that we will start our journey for the Big Adventure!!! 

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