Saturday, 8 October 2016

The wanderers finally started wandering!

Funny how things all come together in the end, everything clicked into place like a jigsaw puzzle, Fernweh (the motorhome) had her niggly problems sorted, our house did get ready to go on the market.. AND we had an offer within 2 days, which we accepted! We made it for the sailing on September 10th!

France is certainly motorhome friendly, they have plenty of Aires just for motorhome stops, our first stop was on one of these Aires at La Mailleraye-sur-Seine, as the name says, it is right on the banks of the river Seine, and we had a riverside pitch!
Out came the chairs and the Normandy cider (would be rude not to!) and we sat and relaxed watching the sun glisten on the water and the usual river traffic.... well... unusual traffic!

The river is used to move freight around to keep it off the roads, it certainly made river watching very interesting, the cargo ships were so colourful.
The riverbank was beautifully maintained, very clean and tidy with walking and cycle paths all the way alongside, all this for €6 a night!

We stayed here for a couple of nights then it was time to move on, we had to be at Saint-Mars-D'Outille near Le Mans by the end of September for a house sit, and there was so much more we wanted to see !  

Camping Du Lac - Tuffé

I could fill a book with photos from this campsite, it was so pretty, we were only going to stay for two nights, but ended up staying for 6! There really is something very relaxing about being by a lake, especially on a sunny day when the water looks like glass. This place is definitely one to return to, even more so after going for a solitary walk with my camera and discovering The Château de Chéronne, they perform weddings there and it is just as picturesque as the lake.

The Gatehouse (and me messing with filters!)

Château de Chérrone

So far we are loving the adventure, so much to see, so much to do, so much to learn, the next entry will be about the housesit, 24 chickens, 2 Jack Russells and 2 cats! 


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